Eleanor Ajani

Eleanor ‘Makeda’ Ajani, is a London Born and bred singer, now based in Birmingham UK.
Eleanor’s earliest singing started from a very early age as she was born into a musical family. Eleanor sang solos at church, as well being part of bands and choir. She developed a love for harmonies. This lead her to singing in various 4 part vocal bands and had the privilege of singing all around the UK as well as internationally including USA, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana, Guyana to name few. Eleanor was a worship leader in a church in Birmingham for a number of years and was part of the Tehillah worship group that ministered at Birmingham Town Hall.
Eleanor’s performances are known to be lively and passionate, known to give goosebumps to the listeners.
Eleanor is a popular sought after singer who versatility allows for her to sing lead vocal or BVs and is competent in singing Soprano, Alto and Tenor. She has quite a range!
In recent times Eleanor has been lead singer in a soul band Urban Soul Family. Performing regularly at Jam House and Alberts Schloss. Eleanor does session work for various bands. Including Xodus, Motown Sisters, A Vision of Elvis- Elvis Presley tribute.
Eleanor is currently part of 7-piece Bob Marley Tribute Band – Legend. Performing regularly at Theatres and other venues all around the UK.
Eleanor’s versatility and soulful sound is mesmerising. Her personality is infectious and bubbly.