Legend Live

A tribute to the music of Bob Marley


Christine “Chrissy” Lennon known professionally as Shyra.
Chrissy a UK singer and songwriter. Born in Ladywood grew up in Handsworth and Hodge Hill, Birmingham. Born to parents of Caribbean descents of Jamaica and Saint Kitts & Nevis. Her passion for music was installed in her from a very young age. Having been brought up in church, she first noticed her calling for singing at the tender young age of 7. Chrissy has sung in the local church Sunday school, anniversaries and conventions. Whether it was singing solo, lead vocal or in the church mass choir.

Chrissy’s passion is reggae music, urban gospel and soul. Her primary artists are Bob Marley, Marcia Griffiths, Etana and Anthony Hamilton and BeeBee & CeeCee Winans.

Chrissy LennonGrowing up in her family household, she had always been around music. Hearing her mother constantly singing around the house, to many of the greatest gospel hits. Chrissy said, “it always brought a warmth and serene atmosphere in the home when mom sang
Chrissy also has many extended family members who are singers and musicians. When she was a little girl, she would always role play talent shows. Along with her brother, sister and cousins. They use to form a band that consisted a drummer, singers, bass and keyboard. Majority of the time Chrissy would sing lead vocal!

Chrissy’s husband introduced her to a well known local reggae tribute band in Birmingham, called ‘Legend’ – A Tribute to Bob Marley. And has been one of the backing vocalist since 2017. And that’s where she found her confirmed true calling to pursue a career in music.
With Chrissy’s harmonious vocal ability, she warms any room. Her lyrical ability and conviction in her voice will help listeners receive the message. Spreading good vibrations to the world, giving the Most High Jah (God) thanks and praise.